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The Willmers have had a long interest with renewable energy and there are currently over 45 acres of willow trees grown on the farm. Primarily used as a short rotation coppice biomass fuel crop, some is also used by schools and craftsmen to create ornamental artwork for gardens, from fence panels to living structures. Examples on display around the grounds include a 20 ft living willow tunnel and a willow arbour. The trees for biofuel are normally harvested, and the wood chipped, once every three years after which the crop is sent to be burnt in special, multi-fuel, power stations.

Alternative energy is also demonstrated through wind and solar exhibits located within the gardens of the house. The solar heater shows how water can be warmed - often to boiling temperature - using just the power of the sun, whilst a small wind turbine and photovoltaic panel generate electricity which is then stored in car batteries. These batteries are used on the farm to power 12v pumps and electric fences.

Just outside the gardens there are two banks of forty-eight panel photovoltaic arrays which between them generate over 13 kW of electricity. The smaller 4.5 kW system was installed in 2004 whilst the larger 9.6 kW system was installed in 2011. The electricity cannot be stored, instead it’s used immediately by the house and farm, reducing demand from the National Grid and, more importantly, reducing the electricity bill.

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